We’ve topped Mother Nature with these realistic climbing boulders. Fabricated of exceptionally strong, fiber-reinforced concrete, these natural beauties provide the texture and look of natural rock. Hand holes, foot holes, and crevices attract adventurers of all ages and abilities. Use all four in a clustered layout, or choose your favorite piece for an added dimension to any play environment. Consult your Eagle representative for safety zone sizes.

Natural looking crevices double as foot and hand holds for climbing. Extremely realistic rock texture gives imitation boulders a true-to-life appearance.

Do not install any playground equipment over paved surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. The complete area, including the space under and around all playground equipment, must be covered with an impact-absorbing material.

The Mohave – A more rounded version of The Teton,
creates a different type of climbing experience.
Ideal for smaller spaces.

Part Size: 3’W x 6’L x 3’L
Use Zone: 15’ x 18’

The Teton – Great for beginner climbers. Bigger
horizontal surfaces are also a great place to sit and
take in the action.

Part Size: 5’W x 6’L x 4.5’H
Use Zone: 17’ x 18’

Big Ledge – The Big Ledge overhang creates
extreme and realistic climbing challenges.

Part Size: 8’W x 12’L x 8’H
Use Zone: 20’ x 24’

The Cube – Simpler than The Ledge, The Cube
provides bigger and more abundant hang and
foot holds.

Part Size: 6’W x 8’L x 6’H
Use Zone: 18’ x 20’