These versatile, freestanding climbers are affordable add-ons to any play environment. Panel Climbs are terrific strength and agility builders. Net Climbs require all the strength and coordination of Panel Climbs with added movement. Nets are constructed of steel reinforced rope. Available as shown and in a variety of colors.

Cliff Climber
Part Size: 1’Wx12’L
Use Zone: 13’x24’
Part Size: 2’Wx16’L
Use Zone: 14’x28’
Spider Net Climber
Part Size: 1’x8’
Use Zone: 13’x20’
Vertical Net Climber
Part Size:1’x8’
Use Zone: 13’x20’
Double Net Climber with Top Net
Part Size: 8’x8’
Use Zone: 20’x20’