Compare Your Bids


When it comes time to collect and evaluate playground bids, be sure to consider the following important questions.  The answers will help you assess the true value of the bids you receive.  We encourage you to carefully compare the information you receive with our Eagle specifications and warranties.

1.  Do you use sub-contractor installers?
Eagle Play Structures are installed by professionally trained, in-house crews, resulting in a much better warranty.

  • Virtually all competitors use sub-contractors to install equipment.

2.  How long have you been in business?
Our company has been locally owned and operated since 1982.

3.  Are you a local rep for another company?  How many other local reps does the actual manufacturer have that are waiting for equipment deliveries?
Eagle Play Structures are manufactured in Frederick, Maryland.  Most components are in stock.

4.  Are you a licensed contractor?  Are your subs licensed?  Be sure to request license numbers.
Our company is licensed in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  See contract for license numbers.

5.  Are all your subcontractors insured?
Eagle Play Structures does not use Subs. The playground contractor and all his subcontractors should be able to provide not only proof of insurance but also a Certificate of Insurance naming you as an additional insured. If not, you have tremendous potential liability exposure.

6.  What are the actual dimensions of your play decks?
Eagle play decks have an impressive 16 square feet of play space. Virtually every competitor’s standard decks are 36″x36″ (44% smaller than Eagle decks). The smaller decks provide a mere 9 square feet of play space.  See pages 6-7 in our catalog or CLICK HERE to learn more.

7.  What is the warranty on your posts?
Eagle provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty on Powder Coated Aluminum Posts, stainless steel hardware, aluminum caps and aluminum fittings.

  • Typical industry post warranties are only 10-15 years.

8.  What is the warranty on your decks?
Eagle provides a Limited 15-Year Warranty on punched steel play decks coated with Deck Armor PVC Coating.

  • Typical industry warranties are only 10 years.

9.  What is the warranty on your slides, wall panels, roofs, tubes and other plastic parts?
Eagle provides a Limited 10-Year Warranty on roofs, panels, grips, rungs and roto-molded slides and parts!

  • Typical warranties on plastic parts are only 5 years.

10.  What is the warranty on your aluminum castings including caps, aluminum spring animal bodies, springs, aluminum brackets and clamps?
Eagle provides a Limited 25 Year Warranty on Spring Buddy Castings and springs!

  • Typical industry warranties on such parts are only 10 years.

11.  What is the warranty on moving parts such as swing hangers and bearings?
Eagle moving parts are covered by a 1-Year Warranty.

  • Typical industry warranties for moving parts are only 1 year or less.

12.  Can we visit your offices and facility to inspect your operation?
Eagle Play Structures invites you to visit our offices and factory by appointment only.

13.  Do your prices include site work, tax, shipping, installation of equipment, protective surfacing and borders?  
The sum of all these expenses is your actual job cost.

  • Many competitors quote prices without these extras.