Freedom to Play Your Way

At Eagle Play Structures, we understand the value of play and the value of your playground investment. This understanding, honed over 25 years delivering superior recreational equipment, drives every aspect of our business. Our attentive personal service, collaborative design process, and highly adaptable structures assure you get the playground of your dreams within a down-to-earth budget.

The way we see it, with each playground project we have two customers to delight: the children who use our equipment and the community planners who pay the bill. We make it our top priority to meet the needs of both these customers.

Research has sown that play is central to children’s physical, mental, and social development. So we design spaces that inspire the whole child. We pack every Eagle playground with physical challenges and with opportunities for creative and interactive play that keep children’s bodies and minds active. And our inclusive designs allow children of all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of outdoor play.

Beyond thrills and adventures, Eagle Play Structures also distinguishes itself with superior investment value. From our full-sized decks offered at competitors’ down-sized-deck prices to our innovative hybrid designs, which optimize your available play space, we make the most of your playground budget.

So let’s work together to turn your wish list into a playground that wows all members of your community, both large and small. Use this website as a springboard, and let your imagination soar. We’re ready when you are.