Settling for down-sized play equipment is like opting
for a tiny bedroom closet.

Some companies offer playground equipment in both
full-sized and down-sized versions.
“Their down-sized play equipment looked fine in the catalog. After installation we were shocked at how tiny it actually was!”
Down-sized play decks:

  • Provide 44% less access and egress space.
  • Provide 44% less imaginative play space.
  • Provide 44% less interactive play space.
  • Provide 44% less congregation space.
  • Severely limit traffic flow on play structure.
    Play is best in one direction only.
  • Serve as mere transfer points to get from one location to another.
  • Drastically reduce the number of users on the structure.




Our design philosophy requires that we not skimp on play deck dimensions. Titan play decks provide 77% more play space than our competitors’ down-sized, 36? x 36? decks. Since we incorporate physical,imaginative, and interactive play in every design, full-sized play decks are a necessity.