Fitness Stations are healthy additions to any community. Layouts can be clustered or installed along trails with minimal site preparation. All stations come with detailed instructional signage.

Body Curl Station Beam Hop Station Push-Up Station Achilles Stretch Station
Parallel Bar Station Hip Rotation Station Jump & Touch Station Balance Beam Station
Sit-Up Station Chin-Up Bar Station Scaling Wall Station Monkey Bar Station
Step-Up Station Vault Bar Station

Test your child’s strength, speed and agility with an obstacle course. The course includes ten activity stations in a linear sequence. With the use of a stopwatch, children can compete with themselves to beat their personal times or challenge each other. Establish a point system for each event, and record scores or times for competition. This challenging course is ideal for overall physical fitness, skill development and endurance training.

Chain Climber Up & Over
Suspension Bridge Climbing Wall
Balance Beam Pod Bridge Track Glide Pull-Up Bar
Loop Ladder