Rules Signs
Custom signs are perfect for sharing important contact information, park rules, dedications, historic details, and more. Custom signs are available in two sizes.

Standard Playground Rules
This fixed-text sign features a list of standard playground rules.
Custom Sign
                                                     Small Sign  Large Sign


Benches and Tables
Dress up your site with quality site furnishings from Eagle Play Structures. Benches and trash receptacles are essential ingredients to any playground or community setting. Our site furnishings are available in a variety of materials and two different mounting systems: direct burial or surface mount.

Ornate Pau Lupe Bench & Receptacle
#SF305-6PL Cast-iron Frame with Wood Slates
Available in Pressure Treated and Douglas Fir
#SF502-32PT Slatted Trash Can
Rolled Steel Bench & Receptacle
#SF315-6RS Rolled Steel Bench #SF505-32RS Rolled Steel Trash Can
PVC Coated Steel Bench & Receptacle
#SF335-6PVC PVC-Coated Metal Bench #SF510-32PVC PVC-Coated Metal Trash Can
The SF 300 Benches shown below are available with:
  • Pressure-treated Pine Slat (“PT”)
  • Douglas Fir Slat (“DF”)
  • Recycled Plastic Slat (“RP”)
  • Pau Lupe Slat (“PL”)
  • Galvanized Framework (“GF”)
  • Black Powder-Coated Frame (“PCF”)
#SF300-6PT 4″x4″ Park Bench #SF301-6RP 6′ Backless Bench
#SF330-6PT Rollback Bench #SF320-6DF Slated Contour Bench
#SF337-6PVC 6′ PVC-Coated Backless Metal Bench #SF410-6PVC Single Pedestal, 2 Sided
#SF400-8PT Heavy-duty Picnic Table #SF401-8PT-ADA 8′ ADA Picnic Table
#SF405-8PVC PVC-Coated Metal Table #SF405-8PVC-ADA PVC-Coated Metal Table-ADA
#SF341-6PVC PVC-Coated Metal Contour Bench #SF346-6PVC PVC-Coated Metal Wave Bench
#SF410-4PVC Square 4-seat Pedestal Table #SF412-6PVC 2-seat Double Pedestal Table
#SF416-4PVC 4′ Round 4-seat Pedestal Table Grill
6-Person Hex Table with Roof Mushroom Tot Table with Pod Seats

Shade Systems
These beautiful, tension-fabric shade structures are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They can be used to completely cover a playground unit or to provide a shady spot for other activities. The durable powder-coated steel frames and UV-stabilized fabrics are designed to provide years of trouble-free service. Fabric covers are easily removed for winter storage.

Shelter for picnic tables and seating areas. Cover bleacher areas at sports fields.
Provide shade and architectural detail to your playground.

Gazebos & Pavilions
A gazebo or a pavilion is a great addition to any community, providing a focal point for activities, meetings, special events, or just simply to watch the world go by. A variety of sizes and shapes are available.

Athletic Equipment

Adjustable Height Basketball Goal (front view) Adjustable Height Basketball Goal (side view)
Heavy-duty Fan-shaped 4″ O.D. Post 4′ Offset 11-unit Loop Bike Rack (available powder coated)
Soccer Goals – Numerous Styles Available Tennis Net Posts & Nets
Fun Ball (does not require a paved surface) Tether Ball